• Collateral - 100_000 OCTA
  • Node reliability for last 30 days >= 95%

Reward distribution scheme:

The billing period is 1 week (every 7 days).

If block time is always 15 seconds then the following amount of blocks would be mined:

  • 1 minute - 4
  • 1 hour - 240
  • 1 day - 5760
  • 1 week - 40320

In this calculation we will use reward amount for Arcturus and Oldenburg eras where 1.5 OCTA from each block going to staking fund.

The total amount of coins mined for 1 week would be 60480 OCTA.

Let’s assume we have 10 nodes up and running, then the 60480 OCTA would be distributed across they in the following proportion:

  • 60% (base reward) - 36240 OCTA, 3624 for each node
  • 10% (vpn reward) - 6040 OCTA, 604 for each node which provide VPN service
  • 10% (rent reward) - 6040 OCTA, 604 for each node which provide renting service
  • 20% (gpu reward) - 12080 OCTA, 1208 for each node which provide renting service with GPU

In case of no nodes for which needs to distribute 40% (except base reward) the coins will be left in staking fund for the next round.

Most profitable variant is to have node with GPU and which provides both services. Such node will be rewarded by 6040 OCTA per week and also additional payments for services usage.

How to configure

  • Install the node
  • Configure it by setting up prices, turn on/off VPN service providing, specify ports and so on…
  • In CUBE in Staking menu choose your node and specify your wallet address with balance 100_000 OCTA or more

Wallet address must be unique per node, staking reward will be sending to this address so be sure you have full access to it.

How it’s works in nutshell

When node and staking configured the system will start periodic checks of node availability and monitoring wallet balance. If system detected what wallet balance is less than 100_000 OCTA then staking for this node will be deactivated.

Be aware about your node uptime, it’s very important metric, nodes which has uptime less than 95% for the last 30 days will not be rewarded.