Idle job

Idle job this is specific type of tasks which runs on the node when node in the idle state (no one is use it).

You can configure this job to run some miner to utilize node GPUs during it in idle state.

To do that go to ADMINISTRATION->Idle jobs and press the Add new idle job button, after this you need to set the Image field and specify additional arguments in Command field if needed.

Image this is a docker image which will be downloaded from


Monero using xmring

  • Image: lchaia/xmrig:v6.15.2
  • Command:
-o -u 496x4whv1BpbEHK4xS6tT6i5e6DNSzJqbAnvXJvyTg2rFFaLeLyYMBw4X3vAgug8u2GRzqRaFjp5uKEn5wN2C447UbNEAWu

Ethereum on NVIDIA using TREX miner

  • Image: ptrfrll/nv-docker-trex:3.9
  • Command:
/trex/t-rex -a ethash -o stratum+tcp:// -u 0xde9aA97597B6D46741A7ffaC22c6F47d1179Bcce -p x -w rig0

Ravencoin on NVIDIA using GMiner

  • Image: thelolagemann/gminer:latest-cuda-11.3.1
  • Command:
/gminer/miner --cuda --algo rvn --server --user RR1k81NVuhF29Z7463iwQ7B6vhdKNbQSKK --pass x